In His Own Words: The Kerry Martin Interview

Preface:  For those that have mislabeled Kerry Martin in a variety of ways, it’s important to know that as a redshirt sophomore, he’s already graduated from West Virginia University.  He’s a model student.  Martin was also named a “workout warrior” during the offseason and although his time in Morgantown has been shrouded in controversy, from all accounts he’s been a model teammate.

But there’s no doubt that Kerry Martin is a very different person.  Most outstanding, extraordinary people are different.

In the state of West Virginia, doing things outside the box is seen as disruptive and unsettling, and Kerry Martin has certainly done things outside the box over the past few years.

The details surrounding his unfortunate issue involving then-defensive coordinator Vic Koenning will likely never be fully revealed because West Virginia University swept it under the rug and because Kerry Martin doesn’t live in the past.  Kerry Martin lives in the present.

His decision to opt out of last season for health reasons after Koenning was fired by the university was frowned upon by many in the West Virginia fanbase and people throughout the state.  Although Martin suffers from sickle cell anemia and would have potentially put his life in danger, West Virginians – the people from his own home state – lashed out at him for missing the season.  So for the past two years, he’s understandably been on the defensive.

When Kerry Martin agreed to do an interview with us, there was skepticism about how much he would reveal.  He’s a very guarded person and we knew that it would be difficult to convince him that we had no agenda other than to hear his side of the story.

Martin agreed initially to do a podcast with us, but later said that he would prefer to answer the questions via text.  It was a disappointing turn of events, but ultimately we decided to hear what he had to say in written form.

The Voice of Motown’s goal is always to be as transparent and real with our audience as possible.  Openly, we were disappointed at first with what Martin had to say because we didn’t feel like we were getting his real and honest thoughts and opinions.

However, this is what Kerry Martin wants you to know right now and we respect that.  This is…

“In His Own Words: The Kerry Martin Interview”

VOM: What were the factors that led you to transfer?

KM: Honestly, I just wanted a better opportunity for myself.  That’s it.

VOM: What is the overall team morale like right now?

KM: Everyone is willing to go the furthest measures to perfect their craft and they all make decisions that are best for them.

VOM: The transfers seem to be coming primarily from the defense.  Do you feel this is a defense specific problem?

KM: No, I don’t feel that it’s a defensive specific problem.  I feel it is more so a coincidence that more defensive guys have transferred than offensive. Everyone in the program makes decisions that they believe is best for them.  There’s no ill will.

VOM: Are there other players you feel may transfer?

KM: I honestly don’t know about other players’ situations.  So if they leave I believe that they are doing what they believe is best for their futures.

VOM: What can the team do to resolve the issues at hand?

KM: That is the job of the coaches to be able to figure out how to solve any issue with the program and the job of the players to fall in line.

VOM: Is there frustration among the defense about the performance of the offense?

KM: Not necessarily frustration, but we had expectations after all of the hard work we put in during the offseason.

VOM: The (Vic) Koenning situation rubbed some fans the wrong way.  Did that play a factor in your decision?

KM: No, the fans don’t determine anything within the program.

VOM: What’s the most important attribute you are looking for in your next destination?

KM: I want to attend a school that fits best for me in all aspects, no matter the distance.