Inaction Shows How Little WVU Cares About Winning Football

Morgantown, West Virginia – Yesterday was the day! Everything was going to come to a head and finally, the West Virginia football coaching staff and Neal Brown in particular would be held accountable. Director of Athletics Shane Lyons was going to have to answer for the ridiculous contract extension and raise that he gave Neal Brown.

Yesterday came and went. Today, there was reason for hope and optimism. Perhaps it was difficult to meet on a Sunday, discuss the specifics about how to move forward and negotiate Brown’s contract buyout. Monday morning, this morning, obviously Lyons would lay down the hammer and do what should have been done many months ago.

But the bottom line is that Shane Lyons and Gordon Gee don’t care about you, about the state of the football program and are only concerned with saving themselves.

Lyons is very aware that he made a huge mistake when he extended Brown’s contract back in 2020 after Brown went 11-11 with the team. He is also very aware that this decision will now cost the university millions of dollars and that he’s personally responsible for that. Admitting that he was wrong by extending Brown’s contract is grounds alone for Lyons immediately being dismissed as the athletic director. What other job on the planet can you lose your employer millions of dollars and still remained employed?

Lyons, who assured the West Virginia fanbase during the summer that he demands growth and improvement from the Mountaineers this season, has now painted himself into a corner. He expected West Virginia to perform well, to show improvement on the field, to win 8 or 9 games and then compete in a bowl game. Unfortunately, none of that has come true, Brown has once again failed miserably and now Lyons must face the consequences.

Or just continue to ignore it while the West Virginia football crumbles before our very eyes and does irreparable damage to the program that will set the Mountaineers back even more.

The ball is in your court, Shane.