Incoming Transfer Removes Commitment Video to WVU From Social Media

West Virginia point guard Kerr Kriisa removed his commitment video to West Virginia on his social media account last night, which leads some to believe that he could be leaving the team. 

MORGANTOWN, West Virginia — When Bob Huggins resigned as the head coach of the West Virginia Mountaineers, several current players on the team suddenly had to re-think their futures.

It was initially reported that “up to 8 players” could potentially leave the team, but a large portion of the players have reportedly come together and agreed to play for the Mountaineers next season. However, a few of the players are apparently not so sure and are looking at other options.

One player that is seen as a potential loss for the Mountaineers is Kerr Kriisa, who transferred from Arizona, where he averaged 9.9 points and 5.1 assists per game for the Wildcats last season. Kriisa was expected to be the starting point guard for the Mountaineers for the upcoming season, but a few things lead us to believe that he could be re-thinking his decision.

1.) Kriisa removed his commitment video to West Virginia from his social media accounts last night. Although this could be nothing, it’s certainly unusual timing considering the circumstances.

2.) Kriisa was not seen practicing with the team in a video of the players working out together yesterday. Again, Kriisa could simply be out of town or sick or a variety of other reasons for not practicing, but again, this combined with him removing his commitment video is a cause for concern.

3.) Kriisa made it clear that he committed to play for Bob Huggins when he first announced that was coming to West Virginia. Now that Huggins is gone, West Virginia may not be as an attractive place for him.

If Kriisa is thinking about leaving the team, he would have 30 days under the new NCAA rules to do so in order to play for another team without sitting out next season. Senior guard Joe Toussaint would likely step in as the new starting point guard if this does in fact happen.