Iowa State Account Makes Outrageous Claims About West Virginia After Loss

Morgantown, West Virginia – Following West Virginia’s 76-71 victory over the #11 ranked Iowa State Cyclones, one Iowa State social media account made absolutely ridiculous, outrageous claims about the Mountaineers.

Iowa State Nation, a fan account on Twitter, said the following: “I am tired of being West Virginia’s Super Bowl. This is the one game a year they always have circled on the calendar. While we’re focused on winning championships, they are only focused on beating us. Oh and how much did you pay the referees? Just curious.”

There is a lot to unwrap here, but the entire post is clearly ridiculous. To begin, Iowa State is absolutely not West Virginia’s “Super Bowl.” In fact, this isn’t even an opponent that is on the team’s radar as a “big game.” In the Big 12 Conference, Iowa State 8th or 9th in terms of teams that West Virginia is concentrated on defeating.

West Virginia is certainly not “circling this game on the calendar” every year and the assertion that Iowa State is “focused on winning championships” while West Virginia is “only focused on beating Iowa State” is laughable.

Finally, although the officiating was not great during last night’s game, it was not heavily slanted towards either team. There was likely some home court favoritism at key moments, but ultimately West Virginia was the better team.

Check out the full post below:

The Mountaineers are back in action this Saturday, February 11th at noon at Texas. West Virginia will meet Iowa State again on the road on February 27th.