Is Huggins Ready to Throw in the Towel?

Frustrated, beaten, upset, Bob Huggins labored through another miserable post game after another loss.  Huggins discussed his players’ inability to make shots, saying, “We can’t make open shots.  I can’t tell you why.  I don’t think they’ve been in the gym as much as they used to be.  We got a whole bunch of people who found more important things in their life than being in the gym.”

But tonight, Huggins seemed even more exasperated with his team, adding, “We’re not the same in film study.  We’re not the same when we’re going through other team’s offense.  There are not guys asking questions.  There are not guys going full speed.  They’re not the same guys.  If you hold people to sixty points, you ought to win.  If you’re good, you should win.”

At one point, Huggins seemed to suggest that although there are only three regular season games left, that it would be difficult to get through with his current team.  Huggins even went so far as to say, “I’m just trying to finish out the season.”

This West Virginia team has struggled in ways that Huggins couldn’t have predicted a month ago and the reality of going from one of the top teams in the nation to a team that can’t be anyone on the road is finally starting to sink in.

When the Mountaineers have been down and out, Huggins has always found a way to motivate his players and get them back on track.  Hopefully Huggins has not given up on this team and somehow he finds a way to turn this disastrous end of the season around.