It Might Be Time For This Mountaineer Great To Come Back Home


Morgantown, West Virginia — With the potential firing of Neal Brown looming and the possibility of current Offensive Coordinator Graham Harrell leaving with him, a spot might open up for Pat White to make a return on the sidelines.

Big names such as Hugh Freeze have been mentioned as a replacement for Brown if he is to be fired, and with a new coach, he will NEED an Offensive Coordinator. So why not Pat White?

Pat White was WVU’s starting quarterback from 2005-2008 with TWO BCS (Now New Year’s Six) Bowl wins. White has plenty of experience as a Mountaineer and knows the mentality that makes a Mountaineer a Mountaineer. He is currently an offensive assistant for the LA Chargers and has experience being the running-backs coach at South Florida.

So why would he make a good Offensive Coordinator?

He has experience being a quarterback who had GREAT running talent. Knowing what an offense needs with both run and pass is CRUCIAL for a potent offense. With the guidance of a coach like Hugh Freeze, not only could the Mountaineer’s offense take a major step forward and become a Dual-Threat system, but could truly make a name for himself to eventually become a big name for open Head Coaching positions in FBS.

What would we expect from a Pat White led offense?

We would see a MAJOR change in the offensive system. We would NOT have an Air-Raid system like we are used to, but more of a running orented system. With players on our roster such as Garrett Greene and Nicco Marchiol being duel-treat quarterbacks and young talented runningbacks Tony Mathis Jr. and C.J. Donaldson, a Pat White led offense could REALLY make these already talented players shine.

Will this end up happening?

Probably not, but there is STILL a chance! WVU needs a change in the offensive system that has been EXTREMELY overused system, so if Pat White becomes the Offensive Coordinator of this team, it could be the breath of fresh air that this program DESPERATELY needs.