Jarret Doege is “Neal Brown’s Guy”

Morgantown, West Virginia – Jarret Doege is Neal Brown’s guy and Brown is willing to go down on a sinking ship with Doege as his guy than to make the obvious, necessary decision to bench him in favor of redshirt freshman Garrett Greene.

Brown’s infatuation with Doege is the very reason West Virginia lost their season opener.  His delusional thoughts about Doege being “the most improved player in the offseason” couldn’t be further from reality.

Doege looked slower, less confident in the pocket and less accurate throwing the ball downfield.  There was absolutely no indication that he has improved in any way.  In fact, after several times watching the game, it appears that he’s taken a giant step back.

But Doege has been Brown’s guy since both decided to come to West Virginia in 2019.  Brown coached Jarret’s brother Seth while he was the offensive coordinator at Texas Tech from 2010-2012 and while Seth was accomplished and outstanding for the Red Raiders, Jarret has been nothing more than mediocre since arriving in Morgantown.

Brown’s decision to stick with Doege appears to be more based more on what’s in his heart than what’s clear in everyone’s mind.  Although continuing to play Doege defies all logic, Brown has somehow convinced himself that Jarret Doege is the right man to lead the Mountaineers.

Last season, West Virginia was down 14-10 to Army at halftime in the Liberty Bowl and would have likely lost a really important bowl game if Brown didn’t make the difficult decision to bench Doege in favor of Austin Kendall.

If Brown would have waited another possession to pull Doege, West Virginia would have almost certainly been beaten by Army.

During Saturday’s game at Maryland, it was clear to everyone watching the game that Jarret Doege was not getting the job done and shouldn’t be in the game…except for Neal Brown.

It’s also now obvious that it’s time for the Mountaineers to move on from Doege, but Brown will make excuses for him and incomprehensibly start him against Long Island University next week.

Jarret Doege is Neal Brown’s guy and they’re going to go down together.