Jarret Doege Was a Bright Spot in an Otherwise Miserable Day

Today was absolutely brutal for the Mountaineer offense. For the second year in a row, WVU could only manage 13 points against the Oklahoma State Cowboys. The offensive line struggled for most of the day, giving Jarret Doege very little time to make plays. When he would finally get his opportunity at a downfield strike, the pressure in his face was too great and would alter the flight of the pass.

Though Doege’s numbers – 20-37, 285 yards and one touchdown – were not great, his play was a bright spot in today’s loss. Doege was able to play a mostly clean game. Sure, he would lose a fumble that resulted in a touchdown, but that was due to the offensive line failing to do their job.

He never put the ball in harm’s way, and was always willing to take the hit to attempt the throw. Honestly, with the pounding that he took today, it is surprising that he did not throw at least an interception or two. Most if not all of his passes gave his receivers a chance to make the catch, but they were either plagued by drops or the defender played tremendous coverage.

The amount of people on social media this evening complaining about quarterback play is shocking to say the least. Many do not realize the many moving parts on an offense can affect the play of the quarterback if even one person takes the play off. Doege gave it his all and didn’t make any bad decisions that would have put his team in jeopardy.

The problem with fans is that they have been spoiled by the likes of Will Grier and others. Not every quarterback is going to be a superstar, and maybe not even the best player on the offense. Some just go out there and do what they are asked to do, and that is the exact role Doege assumes in every game.

We have ourselves a solid signal-caller in Doege. Some will complain, and others will call for Garrett Greene. The bottom line is, however, that Doege did not do anything to prove that he isn’t a THE starting quarterback for the Mountaineers.

I am not sure what it will take from him to prove that he is legit – but I know it will come sooner or later.