Jevon Carter is Still the Hardest Worker in Basketball

Phoenix, Arizona – When Jevon Carter signed his new 3 year deal with the Phoenix Suns, he said that the Suns organization “feels like family” like it did in college at West Virginia University.

“It just felt like family here in Phoenix,” Carter said. “It felt like I was wanted here. Even when I went through the stretches when I wasn’t playing, it never felt like they didn’t want me here. It was just that’s what they were trying to do for our team.  Even through all that, I always felt like I was wanted.”

Carter has continued to put in the extra work every chance he gets.  According to Phoenix Sports, “Carter is one of the hardest workers that has come through the organization, and last season it was difficult to get on the court because of concerts and other events.  This season, due to COVID restrictions that have cancelled those events, Carter can now get on the court to practice anytime he wants.”

“It’s been sweet,” Carter said. “You get to come in here whenever. There’s two courts, there’s so much space — there’s so much here that we can do to get better.

“We got the top of the line everything here, so it’s like being a kid walking in a candy store. You can just pick out whatever you need.”

Although Carter has struggled a bit to start the season – averaging 1.8 points, 1.3 rebounds and 0.8 assists in 12.5 minutes per game – he continues to perfect his craft and work to become the very best player he can be.

Following last night’s win 111-86 win over the New Orleans Pelicans – a game in which he  was held scoreless in 19 minutes of play – Carter was seen after the game shooting jump shots by himself.

Upon seeing this video, several Phoenix Suns fans commented that this is exactly why they love and adore Jevon Carter and that’s exactly how West Virginia fans felt about him.  No one will outwork Jevon Carter and no one makes the state of West Virginia prouder than him.