Jimbo Fisher DESTROYS Texas in Latest Statement

Morgantown, West Virginia – Texas and Oklahoma have reportedly been negotiating with the SEC Conference for six months and the other teams in the the conference – Texas A&M in particular – were intentionally not made aware of the talks.

When A&M joined the SEC back in 2011, they did so with the guarantee that they would be the only team in the conference from Texas.  A&M wanted this of course so that they could dominate recruiting in the area.

The fact that the SEC has now been secretly for up to six months is an absolute slap in the face to Texas A&M and they have not hid their displeasure with the move.

Clarksburg, West Virginia native and Texas A&M head coach Jimbo Fisher was asked about the possibility of Texas joining the SEC and he did not hold back one bit!

”You mean to tell me that Texas is somehow not happy with the situation they’re in? That’s weird because they’re usually such a calm, reasonable, and not overly sensitive fanbase.”

Fisher continued: “I’m surprised they want to join, though.  I mean they’re like the 4th best team in their own state and they haven’t won anything since the Bush administration.  There ain’t no Kansas in the SEC, and you think horns down is offensive, buddy, just wait til you go to Death Valley!”