Jimbo Fisher Returning Home to Coach West Virginia is a Dream Worth Dreaming

Morgantown, West Virginia – Over the weekend, Jimbo Fisher said three words that gave long-suffering West Virginia fans real hope: “Home is home.”

Fisher, 56, is originally from Clarksburg, West Virginia and when asked if he would ever consider returning to coach the Mountaineers later in his career, Fisher said the following: “You don’t ever say never in this business. Home is home. I love West Virginia and it’s very near and dear to my heart. I love them and have always rooted for them my whole life. You never say never in this business where it takes you. I’m happy where I’m at and I love where I’m at, but home is home.”

Fisher is one of the highest-paid coaches in college football and runs a very successful football program at Texas A&M, but like he said, Home is Home. 

Fisher has a massive contract buyout, which would pay him $95.6 million if Texas A&M fired him before his contract is up. However, the contract is extremely one-sided, allowing Fisher to leave the Aggies for another job under no financial penalty for his future employer should he so choose.

In other words, although he would certainly demand a higher salary than Neal Brown, West Virginia would not have to worry about paying Texas A&M anything if Fisher wanted to return home before his contract ends.

Neal Brown currently makes approximately $4 million a year ($3.975 to be exact) and Fisher makes $7.5 million per year. While Fisher would have to take a paycut to coach the Mountaineers, coaching his home team with the possibility of taking them to new heights would almost certainly be very appealing to someone like Jimbo Fisher, who loves the state and has been a fan of the football program his entire life.

Right now, Jimbo Fisher returning to West Virginia to coach the Mountaineers is a bit of a dream, but it’s a very realistic possibility and is a dream worth dreaming.