Joe Mazzulla in Hot Water

MORGANTOWN, West Virginia — Overmatched. Outclassed. Unprepared. These are just a few words Boston Celtics’ fans have used recently to describe head coach Joe Mazzulla.

Mazzulla, who played point guard for the West Virginia Mountaineers from 2006-2010, has led the Celtics to the NBA Eastern Conference Finals in his first season, but that might not be enough for him to keep his job.

Following the Celtics’ 128-102 loss to the Miami Heat in Game 3 of the Eastern Conference Finals, Mazzulla had the following to say about his team’s performance: “I just didn’t have them ready to play. I have to get them in a better place ready to play, and that’s on me.”

In addition, Mazzulla admitted that he has lost his team’s locker room: “Yeah, it’s why I need to be better to figure out what this team needs.”

Down 3-0 in the series, Boston is at risk of being swept and Celtics’ fans are certainly not thrilled with Mazzulla’s inexperienced coaching. Social media lit up last night with messages from Boston fans to fire Mazzulla immediately. One fan said, “You don’t give the keys to a championship team to someone with absolutely no coaching experience.”

Although it seemed unthinkable a month ago, the NBA is a cutthroat business and Joe Mazzulla could realistically be fired if the Celtics don’t the series around quickly. If that’s the case, West Virginia University should do everything in its power to make him the next head coach of the Mountaineers when Bob Huggins retires.

While Mazzulla has expressed interest in remaining in the NBA, it’s unclear whether another team around the league would be willing to give him a shot again. With that said, Bob Huggins is likely in his last season and Mazzulla would be the absolute perfect replacement to take over for his former coach at his alma mater.