Joe Mazzulla Watches This Movie 4 Times Every Week

MORGANTOWN, West Virginia — Former West Virginia point guard Joe Mazzulla has led his Boston Celtics to the Eastern Conference in his first season as the head coach of the team.

Mazzulla, 34, has developed a very strange ritual since arriving in Boston. He told NBC Sports analyst Brian Scalabrine that he watches The Town four times per week. The Town is a 2010 film starring Ben Affleck about a band of ruthless bank robbers that takes place in Boston. He says it is just a “Boston mindset” to watch that movie.

According to Celtics guard Malcolm Brogdon, the line “Whose car we gonna take?” has become a rallying cry for the Celtics during the postseason. “It’s basically just ride or die for your guys, the guys you’re on the court with, the guys you’re competing with. It’s having the mentality it doesn’t matter what we’re going to get into, we’re going to do it together.”

The Town has a runtime of two hours and four minutes, which means that he watches over 8 hours of this movie a week!