Jordan McCabe Takes a Brave Stance Against Police Brutality

George Floyd was heinously murdered in the streets of Minneapolis and like a lot of white people, I was left wondering what to do about it.  Obviously the overwhelming majority of people are disgusted by this and other acts of violence against human beings, but white people are in a particularly tricky spot.

Is it our place to speak out against this?  Do we seem insensitive or like we don’t care if we remain silent?  We’re outraged by what is going on in the streets to human beings and want to take a stance, but often we find it difficult to put into words how we’re feeling in a way that comes across the right way.

West Virginia point guard Jordan McCabe did exactly that on Twitter yesterday.  McCabe started his video by saying, “Growing up as an athlete, specifically a white athlete, we’re told that if it’s controversial or political, stay away from it.  The media will pick you apart, but this isn’t about that.  It’s about doing what’s right.”

McCabe continued: “I’m part of the unaffected group of society.  Somebody that when they walk out their front door, that they might be subject to oppression or discrimination in every day life. But that doesn’t mean that when I see social injustice that I have to be quiet or silent. That’s the culture that leads to these crimes and I’m frankly I’m pretty sick and tired of laying in bed at night, watching videos like I did last night.  I pledge to never be silent again, I stand for what’s right in this country, and I know that change is needed.”

That was perfectly said by a young man that continues to make the state of West Virginia very, very proud.  It’s not enough to simply silently oppose what is happening, it’s time for white Americans to stand up against the obvious oppression and discrimination as well.  The Voice of Motown joins Jordan McCabe in pledging to not ever be silent again when social injustice happens in our country.  Thank you for being a true role model and for your leadership, Jordan.