Justice Makes Announcement on Face Masks

Last week, Governor Justice prepared West Virginia residents that he might make mask-wearing mandatory in all public and private buildings. “I want everyone to know that I am very, very seriously considering that at the beginning of next week, we may very well have to go to mandatory masks in buildings, you know, other than your homes. You go out, and you go into a building, you need to probably wear your mask. We tell you you need to, but we may have to go to mandatory masks,

Moments ago, Justice said, “I hate like crazy to start with this, but we had our 94th and 95th deaths today.  I know it’s not the popular decision to make right now, but wearing a covering over your face is the only thing we can do to protect you.  Face masks are now mandatory in the state of West Virginia when you are outside of your home and in public buildings.”