To say that there are large amounts of favoritism in the NCAA would be an understatement. Ever since allegations against the University of Kansas Basketball team in accordance with player paymen have surfaced, many expect the team to face rather light punishments. While the NCAA will likely appear to be “dropping the hammer” on the Jayhawks with claims of “severe” rule violations, Kansas will ultimately emerge smelling like a rose.

Kansas is simply too elite of a basketball program, and too good of a source of business for the NCAA to impose organization changing sanctions against them. It’s the sad truth, but the Jayhawks have plenty of leverage in this situation. What would have probably already resulted in the loss of several scholarships and the firing of coaches at WVU, will end in probation in Lawrence.

What does Kansas bring to the NCAA? Money and attention. Any program that can sustain the amount of success they’ve had over a long period of time will be given the benefit of the doubt, even in situations as severe as what is transpiring. The NCAA would never risk crippling a powerhouse program such as Kansas when they can easily coverup the wrongdoings within the program.

Areas like this are where the legitimacy of the NCAA begin to crumble. Trying to appear as a “by the books” and serious association will get you no credibility when you continuously allow major violations committed by elite programs to be swept under the rug. While they may be trying sell the idea of investigations being the reason for the lengthy decision on the fate of the program, it is truly just a major coverup attempt.

It is anyone’s guess when we may see a decision come on the Kansas Basketball program, but we can expect them to call for massive eye rolls when they arrive. I believe it is time for a change on the political side of the NCAA. We need fairness, and we need things such as punishments to be dealt out equally.