Ken Kendrick: “Bob Huggins Doesn’t Belong in the Lives of Young Men Who Deserve Quality Leadership”

MORGANTOWN, West Virginia — In an interview with MetroNews’ Hoppy Kercheval on Talkline, West Virginia’s top donor, Ken Kendrick, said that that Bob Huggins should not ever be considered as the head coach at West Virginia University again.

Kendrick, the owner of the Arizona Diamondbacks major league baseball team and the co-founder of Country Roads Trust, said that West Virginia University way too soft in regards to its handling of Bob Huggins following his DUI arrest this past summer.

“Bob Huggins has no place in the lives of young men who deserve quality leadership. I think WVU, in their handling of the Bob Huggins debacle, probably were too lenient with him,” Kendrick told MetroNews. “Had he worked for me, he would have not had a job after he engaged in this vituperative series of homophobic remarks back in the spring and then was retained under very difficult circumstances and then lost his job as a result of a drunken stupor, I will call it,” Kendrick said.

“It’s the second time he lost his job because of drunkenness,” Kendrick said. “It may not be remembered by many, but it is by me. He was let go by Cincinnati for exactly the same reason. So I think he has no place in the lives of young men who deserve quality leadership. So I would be one who would wonder about the mental capacity of any leader of any university who would consider hiring him for a coaching position.”

Kendrick went on to say, “Instead of being in the hall of fame, he should be in the hall of shame, to be blunt. Alcoholism is a disease, and he’s had that disease for a long time. His future with WVU sports is totally at an end. And anyone who would think he should be considered — I’d really question whether they ought to seek some counseling.”