Kerry Martin and Vic Koenning Nearing a Resolution?

Morgantown, West Virginia – Moments ago, Kerry “KJ” Martin, Jr., the outstanding sophomore defensive back from Charleston, West Virginia, posted a cryptic message on social media that could lend some clarity to the situation involving his defensive coordinator, Vic Koenning.

Last month, Martin accused Koenning of “mistreatment” and making him feel uncomfortable during conversations that he had with him.  Koenning was placed on administrative leave while West Virginia University has an independent investigation conducted.

This evening, Martin posted the following message on social media: “Conversation was needed…”  Obviously, Martin could have been referring to anything going on in his life, but he also could have been talking about a much-needed conversation with the coaching staff and Vic Koenning in particular.

Hopefully, Martin and Koenning were able to finally come together to discuss the situation like men and come to some sort of resolution.  It is far more likely that recruiting and the culture within the program could be affected the longer that there is uncertainty with the Koenning situation.

Perhaps this was the first step in resolving this black cloud that has been hanging over the West Virginia football program for the last month.