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To say that social media has not been kind to WVU safety Kerry Martin Jr. would be an understatement. The sophomore has been subject to cyberbullying by the worst of Mountaineer Nation — but Martin took the opportunity today to finally fire back at some of his haters on Twitter.


After a fan sent out a rude tweet to Martin asking if he had transferred, he responded in the best possible way.

“Nah I’m here to stay, still holding up strong.”

Like it or not, Kerry Martin Jr. is a Mountaineer. No amount of hate from the “Mountaineer Mob” on social media will convince him otherwise.

To anyone who goes after Martin on social media, you should be ashamed of yourselves. Not only are you making our fanbase look bad and making current players feel unwelcome, but you are also potentially chasing off any future players who may come the Mountaineers’ way.

Lay off of Martin, guys — he’s not going anywhere, and he is a Mountaineer for life.


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