Kevin Warren is Officially the Worst Commissioner in College Sports

It is common knowledge by now that Kevin Warren is not fit to hold a commissioner position at the collegiate level. Much less for a conference as big and prestigious as the Big Ten.

Today’s news regarding the conference’s decision to postpone fall sports has officially proven that.


According to Paul Finebaum of ESPN, Warren told a Chicago Tribune sportswriter that he did not believe the decision to postpone fall sports in the Big Ten would be met with such harsh backlash. However, the two would mutually agree that the decision was “botched” and completely “mishandled.”


What was Kevin Warren expecting exactly? Did he actually believe cancelling fall sports and potentially preventing several athletes from being recognized by professional scouts would go over easily? It baffles me that he actually believed the majority would be completely content with the decision.


Warren has looked bad from the start, but this only drags his name through the mud even more. Being that he is actually good at politics — as his push to cancel the Big Ten season was a political decision — he should have known that one side wouldn’t have taken to it as lightly.


This is yet another example as to why the Big Ten should part ways with Warren, and bring competence back to the positions responsible for important decisions.