Khalil Wilkins is West Virginia’s New Quarterback of the Future

* YouTube personality Mountaineer Paul was kind enough to share this story with The Voice of Morgantown

When West Virginia University (WVU) offered a scholarship to Khalil Wilkins, a dual-threat quarterback from Roosevelt High School in Washington, D.C., he was an under-the-radar prospect who had yet to receive any major attention from Power Five schools. But that quickly changed as WVU’s coaching staff recognized his potential and fit in the program’s offensive scheme.

Meanwhile, WVU was also targeting Samaj Jones, a four-star quarterback from St. Joseph’s Prep in Philadelphia, who was considered the top-rated quarterback prospect in Pennsylvania and had narrowed his list down to four schools, including WVU.

However, as Jones took his time deciding and going back and forth between his choices, Wilkins seized the opportunity to prove himself. He threw for the WVU coaches and impressed them, cementing his status as a legitimate contender for the quarterback position in the 2024 class.

In fact, with Jones’s indecision and the extra time it gave Wilkins to showcase his skills, It is my belief that Wilkins has surpassed Jones as WVU’s future quarterback.

While Jones is a talented prospect, his inability to make a choice and prolonging his commitment has allowed Wilkins to catch up and, in MY opinion, surpass him. Wilkins’ potential was evident in his impressive junior season, where he threw for 3,100 yards and 28 touchdowns. He also fits perfectly into WVU’s offensive scheme, which emphasizes the dual-threat quarterback style.

The coaching staff at WVU recognizes Wilkins’ potential and fit in the program, and his recent performance has only solidified his position as a top contender for the quarterback spot. With Jones still undecided, Wilkins has the opportunity to prove himself further and get the nod over Jones in the 2024 class.

In conclusion, while WVU would sign Jones in a heartbeat, his indecision may have allowed the program to find a hidden gem in Wilkins.

Prediction: Khalil Wilkins will be the QB of the 2024 class for WVU, after his recent performance, it is my opinion that he has shown that he is more than capable of being WVU’s top choice for the 2024 class.