Kudos To The Fans

Earlier this week, an Iowa State media member said that Milan Puskar Stadium wasn’t daunting. Clearly, that didn’t age well. The crowd played a huge factor in WVU’s hard fought victory.

45,613. That was the attendance at Milan Puskar Stadium yesterday vs Iowa State. Although there were about 15,000 empty seats, it was one of the most fun, engaged, and  loud environments I have ever experienced.

West Virginia is known for having one of the most loyal and passionate fanbases and it didn’t disappoint yesterday. The best part about it, was when the sound system was muted, and the “LETS GO!” “MOUNTAINEERS!” chant resounded through the stadium for over two minutes.

So, to the 45,613 who showed up and stayed, THANK YOU! Next week, 60,000 is expected.