Let the Speculation Begin

(Photo by Ben Queen - USA Today)

Could there be more exodus coming for the Mountaineers following Jahmile Addae’s departure to Georgia? Well, Twitter is certainly buzzing about the possibility.


Tykee Smith is easily one of the best players on WVU’s defense. During his first two seasons in Morgantown, the Philadelphia native has nabbed four interceptions, and was even named a Freshman First Team All-American by the Football Writers Association of America in 2019.


Soon after the news of Addae’s departure broke today, Smith took to Twitter to share some very vague tweets with his followers.



The first tweet shared by Smith was a simple “eyes” emoji. While there isn’t much depth to this tweet, many fans, particularly of Georgia, began to run with the idea that Smith could follow Addae and join the Bulldogs.




These are only a small sample size of the many fans on Twitter who are beginning to believe this move may be coming, but the crowd is beginning to grow larger and larger.


Smith would send out one last tweet to his followers, and it would be just as vague, if not even more so than the last one.



On a highlight film that the soon to be junior safety tweeted earlier in January, Smith continued the thread with only six periods. No words, no emojis, nothing really to gage his feelings on the situation. However, it was still an odd move by Smith nonetheless.


Could this Twitter behavior indicate that something is coming for Smith, potentially a move? Only time will tell, but this will certainly be an interesting topic to follow over the next several days. We’re hoping this turns out to be nothing, but should anything come of this situation, we will be right here to cover it for you on The Voice of Motown.