Let’s Get This Straight, the MAC’s Season is Not Completely Canceled

Yes, today was a hard day. The Mid-American Conference’s decision to cancel “fall” sports came as a massive blow to everyone, and now the fear-mongering media has been feeding off of it all day. However, there has been a major misconception in the headlines after the MAC’s decision. Most outlets are reporting that the season has been “canceled,” but it has rather been postponed.

As of right now, the conference plans to give sports affected by the cancellation a chance to compete in the spring — pending medical advisors allowing them to do so. So to say the season has been completely scrapped for the conference is bafflingly misleading.

To make this simple, many college’s athletic departments cannot survive financially without a football season. While the health and safety of everyone involved has to be a priority, it’s irresponsible to entirely ignore financial obligations of a season. This is why many, if not all conferences who have canceled their “fall” season, are planning to attempt a season in the spring.

Before believing the “fear porn” media, check the facts. No, we’re not going to go a full school year without College Football — it’s just not possible. The MAC will be back in the spring, and if other Group of 5 conferences are smart, they will make the same decision. Things will eventually get better in a world controlled by COVID-19, and it is time we start understanding completely shutting down until it is somewhat eradicated is not possible.

There will be some sort of College Football within the next eight months, it is simply a matter of when.