LISTEN: Kerr Kriisa Sings “Country Roads” and Talks WVU Hoops on Podcast

Morgantown, West Virginia – The newest member of the West Virginia Mountaineers, Kerr Kriisa, appeared on a podcast called “A Nameless Podcast” and he started it off by singing “Country Roads” and he had a lot of interesting things to say about why he picked WVU.

Why he chose West Virginia: “I really like them. Just the way they recruited me and I had a great visit. The facilities were amazing, I really trust them and (Bob) Huggins is a legend. And Jay Kuntz, shout out to my boy, an even bigger legend who doesn’t get enough credit so I have to give a lot of credit to him too.”

When asked about the perception that he doesn’t play defense well: “Yeah, there’s a narrative out there that I can’t play defense. I mean, I’m not that bad. There are some notorious treadmills that sit in the gym and they are pretty nasty and if you do something gnarly, you hop on it and sprint until you throw up.”

Did he talk to any former West Virginia players about playing for the Mountaineers? “I talked to Erik (Stevenson) and Jordan McCabe about their experiences and what they thought about how I would fit and I got some great feedback from them. So that was one of the biggest reasons why I thought West Virginia was the best spot for me.”

On Bob Huggins: “Huggs is a genuine dude. He’s a big fisherman. I can’t wait to go fishing with him on the lake. We drove around in his truck and I think it was the oldest truck I’ve seen in America. Like, really old, like a farmer’s truck, and that’s when I thought this guy must be really loyal. He stays true to himself so that was a really cool moment for me.”

Check out the full podcast below: