Marc Bulger Throws the Ultimate Shade at Coronabros

We’ve all grown sick of sporting events and life in general falling victim to the COVID-19 pandemic. Some of us more so than others.

Former WVU quarterback Marc Bulger just so happens to be fed up with those calling for the cancellation of football due to COVID-19 — or as Clay Travis of Outkick calls them, the “coronabros.”

In a truthful, and somewhat sarcastic tweet, Bulger puts the NFL’s COVID-19 numbers in the forefront. As he states, 58,000 tests were administered in the NFL over the last week, and not a single one came back positive. He would then drop the hammer on the “coronabros.”

“Think there were some pulled hamstrings, ACL’s, and broken bones though. Risk too high. Cancel the season.”

Dang Marc — you didn’t have to go after the fear mongering “coronabros” that hard.

The fact of the matter is that these athletes are more susceptible to injuries on the field than they are COVID-19. Sure, you never know with this virus, but the reward of playing this season far outweighs the minimal risk to players.

Marc Bulger isn’t playing around with his football, and you shouldn’t either. Social distancing and wearing masks is fine, but when football enters the equation, it’s a wrap.

A football season is going to happen, and those in charge do not care who does not like it.