Marshall Player Says West Virginia Fans Harassed His Family at Best Virginia Game

Charleston, West Virginia – West Virginia’s alumni team Best Virginia easily handled Marshall’s alumni team Herd That last night, winning 89-79 to advance to the 3rd round of the $1 million dollar, winner-take-all tournament.

However, during the game, some West Virginia fans apparently took the trash talk between the two teams too far.

Jon Elmore, a former Marshall player who now plays for Herd That, had the following to say about the fan behavior during the game: “Smack talk (is) cool and all but y’all start talking sh*t to my family, that’s too much. My mom and sister had to leave the game because of harassment. That sh*t wack!”

Elmore went on to say, “To the Best Virginia fans that showed respect and class, that was a hell of an environment and game. Great show for the state. All love!”

Elmore’s family members, his brother Ot and his father Gay Elmore, were both hit with technical fouls from the bench during the game.

Best Virginia is back in action tonight against the Bucketneers, an East Tennessee State alumni team, in the 3rd round of the TBT at 7:00PM on ESPN3.