Marshall Starting Quarterback OFFICIALLY Transfers

It was announced yesterday that Isaiah Green, Marshall’s starting quarterback for the past two seasons, was transferring from the program.  Following the announcement, several Marshall players denied the rumors, saying that it was “false news.”  Moments ago, Isaiah Green himself made it official:

“To Herd Nation, I would like to start off by saying I would’ve loved nothing more than to stay here and ball out with my brothers and continue trying to bring a championship back to Huntington and I know my brothers would’ve loved the same thing.  Football has molded me but I will not let it take away from my character.  I will rise about the minor conflicts to see the bigger picture, and above all else God will remain in control.

As my time comes to an end here at Marshall University, I would like to thank my fans for being so supportive, and showing an abundance of love and acceptance.  Through all the dark valleys this has been a nice shed of light, and I’m excited to see where this journey takes me.

To my teammates – this seems surreal.  I know it all happened so fast but I love you like brothers, and am so proud of the work you put in every day.  I won’t forget the conversations, and many hours of work we put in together.  I look forward to the success that you will have as individuals, don’t lose yourself in this program.  Always remember there are people who will do right by you, respect you as men, and care about what you go through outside of football.  Find your passions, and give it your all.  I ask for prayers, love, and privacy at this time.  To all of you that have shown me love, it will never be forgotten.  Thank you for the imprint you have left in my heart.  May God bless you all.  All my love, Isaiah Green.”

There is lots to digest here, but a few things really stand out.  First of all, he didn’t thank the coaches or Marshall.  He thanked his teammates and the fans, and that is all.  Secondly, he seemed to hint at issues within the program.  The phrase “don’t lose yourself in the program” really stood out.  In addition, it appears that he didn’t feel respected off the field or as a man, and that is ultimately what led to his departure.