Measuring the Heat of Every Big 12 Coach’s Seat

(Photo by Ben Queen - USA Today)

Now that the College Football coaching carousel is nearly in full swing, the heat is beginning to crank up on several coach’s seats around the nation. Though most coaches in the Big 12 will likely return in 2021, it doesn’t mean that their seats won’t have an increased temperature by the end of the season. Today, we examine just how hot every Big 12 coach’s seat is at the moment.


  • Dave Aranda, Baylor: Seat Temperature = On IceThis is only Aranda’s first year in Waco. Though the team has struggled, there is no shot he will lose his position at the end of the season. However, should the struggles continue into 2021, then we may just be talking about heat this time next year. But until then, Dave Aranda is at Baylor to stay.
  • Matt Campbell, Iowa State: Seat Temperature = His Throne is Ice ColdCampbell is basically a god in Ames, Iowa. They will have more trouble keeping him around than trying to replace him. His Cyclone throne is a crisp 68-degrees, and they even left chocolates out for him.
  • Les Miles, Kansas: Seat Temperature = Preheating to 450Anyone outside of Lawrence, Kansas can see the writing on the wall. Les Miles is failing at Kansas, and he will likely not survive next season if he continues to struggle. His hiring was odd to begin with, and he is now beginning to see the pressure. Though he will likely not get the boot at the end of 2020, his seat is preheating for his exit next season. Les Miles should have stayed retired.
  • Chris Klieman, Kansas State: Seat Temperature = Lukewarm 

    If you take away his 2-0 record against Oklahoma, Chris Klieman hasn’t really done much at Kansas State. Though he is not in any danger of losing his job, everything surrounding him just seems kind of “meh” right now. If the Wildcats fall apart once again in 2021, then we may be talking about his seat becoming hot. But until then, Chris Klieman is the man in Manhattan.

  • Lincoln Riley, Oklahoma: Seat Temperature = Colder than a well digger’s ass 

    Seriously, he’s not going anywhere.

  • Mike Gundy, Oklahoma State: Seat Temperature = Warmed Up French Fries 

    Gundy is an interesting situation. Of course a coach that has been as successful for as long as Mike Gundy has at Oklahoma State should be safe, right? Well, maybe not. There have been rumblings that some in the program are unhappy with Gundy, and the heat could be turned up on him should he continue to fail to compete at the top of the conference. Until then, there is some heat, but it’s more like warmed up fries at the moment. It’s not satisfying, but it will do for now.

  • Gary Patterson, TCU: Seat Temperature = Comfortable 

    Patterson’s Horned Frogs may have struggled as of late, but he is still a great coach. He has built TCU into what it is, and he will likely never experience a hot seat in Ft. Worth.

  • Tom Herman, Texas Coach: Seat Temperature = The Gates of HellHerman’s seat is blistering hot at the moment. Bruce Feldman of The Athletic reported yesterday that the word has been that Texas is ready to move on from him. Don’t expect him back in 2021. The Tom Herman era is done for in Austin.
  • Matt Wells, Texas Tech: Seat Temperature: High Humidity 

    Matt Wells isn’t likely to be fired this season, but his seat is uncomfortable. The humidity has been turned up on his era in Lubbock, and now he will have to sweat it out. If the Red Raiders are sub-500 again in 2021, his seat temperature will advance to the Sahara Desert stages.

  • Neal Brown, West Virginia: Seat Temperature = Cooler Than the Flipside of the Pillow 

    Neal Brown’s job is as safe as anyone else’s in the Big 12. West Virginia loves him, and many think he could be the next Don Nehlen. No danger whatsoever here for the former Troy head man. His seat is, as Uncle Kracker says, “cooler than the flipside of the pillow.”