Morgantown High Basketball Coach Calls out the Governor

Morgantown, West Virginia – Last week,West Virginia Governor Jim Justice announced that the Winter Sports season has been postponed until January 11th due to rising COVID 19 cases in the state.

In his statement, the Governor said the following: “I am very hopeful and I’m asking that the West Virginia Secondary School Activities Commission look at moving the requirement of 14 days of practice down to seven or 10 days upon that start back on January 11th.”

Moments ago, Morgantown High School’s basketball coach, Dave Tallman, posted a message on his personal social media account, questioning Justice’s decision to postpone the high school basketball season.

“Our athletes are the healthiest people in our state.  Why are they the only ones being shut down?  They can’t use our facilities so now they will use Planet Fitness.  Is that safer?”

Tallman ended his message by poking fun of Big Jim and his often-used catch phrase “Any way, shape, form or fashion.”

“In any way, shape, form or fashion, please make some sense of this for me.”

Tallman, who also served as an assistant coach on the TBT team “Best Virginia”, made some interesting points in his statement.  The Guidelines that Governor Justice has created do not make a whole lot of sense and even the Governor himself is not following them.  As pictured below, Justice was seen at the Marshall game this weekend without a mask and within 6 feet of another person.

If the elderly, morbidly obese Justice can walk among people without a mask on, certainly high school athletes can do the same on the court.