Morgantown LGBTQ+ Community Responds to Bob Huggins

MORGANTOWN, West Virginia — Following Bob Huggins’ insensitive remarks on live radio yesterday, the LGBTQ+ Community in Morgantown has asked that he resigned immediately.

In a statement released on their public social media account, “MorgantownPride” said the following: “Morgantown Pride is horrified and disgusted by the rhetroic espoused by Coach Bob Huggins. Using homophobic slurs and making light of transgender inclusion in sporting events is completely unacceptable behavior. Bob Huggins is a national public figure that represents our beautiful community when he speaks. We believe that this rhetoric does not represent the welcoming and vibrant LGBTQ+ supporitive community that our elected officials and activists have worked hard to cultivate.

Morgantown Pride calls for WVU Athletics to at a bare minimum schedule a Safe Zone training for Bob Huggins and the rest of his staff. We believe that this incident requires the termination of Bob Huggins as this type of rhetoric creates a space in which students, community members and most especially players are NOT SAFE. However, if WVU Athletics chooses the wrong path and does not ask Bob Huggins to resign, the culture that he has obviously cultivated in which individuals feel so comfortable saying homophobic slurs that they would do so whilst being interviewed, requires significant investment of both time and labor to correct.

At Morgantown Pride, we will continue to work hard to advocate for our community and create safe spaces which individuals can feel comfortable expressing every beautiful part of their identity. Those wishing to share any testimonials privately that we can to uplift to bring light to any further issues with homophobia or transphobia within WVU Athletics, please know that we will uplift your story respectfully.

In love and solidarity,

Morgantown Pride Board.”