Mountaineer Has Message to Fake Fans: “You Won’t Be Missed!”

Morgantown, West Virginia – The Voice of Motown broke the news of West Virginia junior defensive lineman Dante Stills revealing that the Mountaineers will wear a “BLM” decal on the back of their helmets this season to show support for Black Lives Matter.

Several West Virginia “fans” expressed themselves on social media, saying that they would no longer support a team that wore the aforementioned decals on their helmets.  Apparently many West Virginians believe that the Black Lives Matter Movement is a “terrorist organization” that should not be supported in our state.  In fact, many “fans” announced that they are now officially done supporting the Mountaineer football program entirely.

Bryce Ford-Wheaton, a redshirt sophomore wide receiver for the Mountaineers, replied on social media by saying those people will not be missed: “One thing I can promise is if you choose to not support the WVU football team for wearing BLM decals, we will not miss you and we will still continue to play our games without you watching.  Shout out to the real fans, you don’t go unnoticed.”

While many West Virginians think they can bully West Virginia University into sharing their archaic thoughts and beliefs, the university has instead decided to stand for what’s right even if it means losing supporters and money.