Mountaineer Player Says WVU Fans Have Told Him to Kill Himself

Morgantown, West Virginia – Following West Virginia’s loss to the Syracuse Orange in the 2nd round of the NCAA Tournament, Emmitt Matthews, Jr. posted on his social media account to thank the West Virginia fans who have supported the team this season and to express his disappointment with the fans who have been negative.

“Thank you to the true WVU fans, you know who you are.  To the ones that always have something (negative) to say, you wouldn’t last a day doing what we do.  Take care.”

One West Virginia fan responded by saying, “These guys (the players) always have something to say about criticism.  Take a little for once.”

Matthews fired back with a shocking revelation: “There is difference between criticism and telling me to kill myself.  You don’t know the half (of it).”

This is extremely surprising and unfortunate to hear from a player that has given his best effort for the past three seasons in Morgantown.  Hopefully these “fans” are called out publicly and face consequences for their incomprehensible words to a West Virginia player.