Multiple Best Virginia Players Have COVID

According to Tony Caridi, “multiple players on the Best Virginia roster scheduled to play in the TBT have tested positive for COVID-19.  The team will NOT participate in the event scheduled for next month in Columbus.

The Basketball Tournament, which is scheduled to begin July 4th, has a very strict policy when it comes to the health and well-being of its players.  According to a USA Today article, “TBT’s safety plan for the event is extensive and multi-layered, including a requirement that players quarantine for 14 days at home before they arrive at the site, including daily temperature checks and a test at the end of the process.

Players will get tested again upon arrival before another five day quarantine as a team at their hotel, where they will be restricted from interacting with players from other teams. At the end of that period, another negative test will allow entry into what TBT is calling the “inner island” where the games are played. Teams will still be kept away from one another during this phase except for when they play on the court.”

In addition, If any player tests positive during the pre-arrival quarantine, they won’t be allowed to participate, and if that player had contact with any of their team members during that period the team will be disqualified.”

Best Virginia has been practicing as a team and that is likely how the virus was spread.  With that said, Best Virginia’s hopes of playing in the TBT are now officially over.