My Complaints About the Mountaineer Game Day Experience

Morgantown, West Virginia – To begin, I had a wonderful experience at West Virginia’s win over the Kansas Jayhawks.  It was a beautiful day for football (perhaps a little chilly) and overall I was very pleased with my day at Mountaineer Field.

With that said, there was room for improvement.  As a business owner, I always look for ways to improve a brand or product.  Here is my list of improvements that I would make immediately to Milan Puskar Stadium:

Poor WiFi

I’m very aware that this seems like a petty complaint and will make me seem like a spoiled Millennial, but if you look around the stadium (or virtually anywhere people gather), people are on their phones.  At Milan Puskar Stadium, they were all on their phones struggling with poor reception and frustrated with the atrocious internet signal.

Connection to the outside world is a huge part of life in 2020 and it’s incredibly frustrating for everyone when the the WiFi is subpar or unusuable.  West Virginia University has clearly spent an incredible amount of money on stadium renovations but has ignored perhaps one if the most important parts of the Game Day experience…the stadium WiFi.

West Virginia University should stop ignoring the fans’ desire to be connected and instead embrace it by adding free world-class WiFi within Milan Puskar Stadium for all.

First Down Cheer

Not only is the chant dumb and antiquated, virtually everyone half-asses it, making it even worse than it should be.

After the team gets a first down and the announcer says, “First down, Mountaineers”, fans put their arms up and down three times, then clap and say “WVU, first down!”  It’s a lame tradition that needs changed.  There are many other options available that would be far better and more appropriate cheers for West Virginia first downs.

“Performance” by The Pride of West Virginia

Yes, it’s imperative that everyone stays safe during the pandemic, but how exactly is not dressing in their typical uniforms, skipping the pre-game show and sitting in the stands help prevent COVID?

While it was nice to have The Pride back at all, their performance was pretty disappointing and left a lot to be desired.


Again, the game day experience that West Virginia University provides is exceptional and improving, but with a few small tweaks and common sense changes, Milan Puskar Stadium could be unlike any other in the country.