My Top-Five Favorite Uniform Combinations

(Photo by WVU Athletics)


Let’s have some fun today, shall we?

I’m going to share with you my top FIVE favorite uniform combinations that the Mountaineers wear. This is my list, it does not make it the “right” list. So yes, this is strictly opinion.

So here you are, my favorite combinations:


5. Blue Helmets, Blue Jerseys, Blue PantsI like a good and simple uniform combination. The all blue combination is one of WVU’s cleanest looks, and sticks to their traditional colors. However, it is far from their best looking combination.

4. Gold Helmets, Blue Jerseys, Gold Pants – While it’s not necessarily a traditional look, it’s one of WVU’s best since they started wearing gold helmets in 2013. It’s a perfect “Stripe the Stadium” uniform.

3. Blue Helmets, White Jerseys, Blue Pants – By far WVU’s best road uniform. The colors just flow perfectly with each other. It’s eye candy for football fans.

2. Blue Helmets, Gold Jerseys, Blue Pants – Another “Stripe the Stadium” option. This one, however, is the best of the two. It also helps that WVU historically has had great success in this uniform.

1. Blue Helmets, Blue Jerseys, Gold Pants – The traditional uniforms! Yes, they are my favorite combination for the Mountaineers! There is just something special about these uniforms. They just fit the Mountaineer brand perfectly!

They will also be wearing them this weekend against #7 TCU!

So there you have it, folks! My five favorite uniform combinations for the Mountaineers. Let us know yours on our social media pages!