Neal Brown 100% Lied to the Media

Morgantown, West Virginia – Yesterday, during his weekly press conference, Neal Brown was asked very clearly about the status of redshirt sophomore defensive back Kerry Martin and he flat-out lied.

In response to why Martin didn’t travel with the team to Baylor, Brown said the following: “Kerry has been sick all week and hasn’t practiced.  He practiced Monday but didn’t practice the rest of the week.”

The bottom line is that is coaches know way in advance that one of their players is transferring.  A student athlete can’t simply enter the transfer portal without paperwork being completed and without their coaches knowing.

Brown looked the West Virginia media and an entire state in the face and lied.

Kerry Martin’s transfer has been known about for well over a week.  Darel Middleton confirmed it yesterday on social media when he said, “Don’t believe this stuff about Kerry being sick.  He’s in the transfer portal with me.”

When Martin announced his decision to enter the transfer portal – something many of us knew was inevitable for several days now – many West Virginia fans reacted by saying the following or a close variation of the following: “Good, glad he’s gone, he’s a cancer.”

The truth is that Kerry Martin is a fine young man that has worked his ass off to be represent his home state by playing for the Mountaineers.  Following the Vic Koenning mess, the coaching staff never gave this young man a real chance.

Martin, a former freshman All-American, sat on the bench and was not allowed to perform.  How can anyone possibly blame him for the decision he made?