Neal Brown Blames Negativity For Potentially Losing Recruits

Morgantown, West Virginia – Dead man walking head coach Neal Brown appeared on his weekly show, The Neal Brown Show, this evening and made the same excuses about last game and the same promises about the upcoming game.

Brown was asked about recruiting and launched into a whole other set of excuses. “You know, we’re fighting the negativity every day,” Brown said. “We’re getting hit at all angles right now.”

Brown is referring to the negativity on social media from fans and believes that it will have a negative impact on recruiting this year.

“The negativity definitely doesn’t help any and we might lose a few recruits, but ultimately I feel pretty good about our group and the relationships we’ve built.”

Although Brown is right that negativity doesn’t necessarily help the team’s recruiting, it certainly cannot be blamed for the loss of any recruits. This is a ridiculous stance that is absolutely untrue.

Young players’ decisions are influenced by what they see every week on the field far more than what they see on social media. The product that Brown puts on the field each week is one of the most boring, vanilla brands in the entire country, and recruits see that. If Brown wants to keep his 2023 recruiting class intact, he needs to give these young recruits a reason to want to come to Morgantown to play for the Mountaineers.

Right now, and for the last couple of years, Brown just hasn’t done that.