Neal Brown Can’t Survive This

Morgantown, West Virginia – Undisciplined, poorly-coached, unprepared. Those three words describe the West Virginia Mountaineers today, and really, many games since Neal Brown took over as the head coach of the team.

In his 4th season with the Mountaineers, Neal Brown’s team has regressed, has shown little to no improvement on the field and has become the bottom-feeder of the Big 12 Conference.

The following facts are startling:

  • West Virginia is 12-18 under Neal Brown in the Big 12 Conference.
  • West Virginia has never won three games in a row under Neal Brown.
  • West Virginia has never been in the Top 25 under Neal Brown.

Nothing about the Neal Brown tenure says success. In fact, it’s the opposite. This has been the worst four consecutive seasons in West Virginia football history.

And while Neal Brown has a massive contract buyout due to Shane Lyons’ absurd decision to extend him after the 2020 season, there is absolutely no choice but to cut ties and fire Neal Brown right now. In Lubbock before he gets on the plane. There’s no reasonable logic remaining to keep him as the head coach of the Mountaineers any longer, and if Lyons continues to allow this mediocrity, it will only hurt the program further.

Starting over with a new head coach is hard, but there are no other options at this point. In order for the fans, recruits and the players to know that the administration takes winning seriously, this just can’t continue. The Mountaineers play a really good, undefeated, #8 ranked TCU team next Saturday in Morgantown, and it’s clear that it will be more of the same next weekend if Neal Brown is still in charge.

While there’s never a perfect way to fire a head coach and it’s always going to be messy and ugly, there has never been a better time than right now to move on from the Neal Brown Era at West Virginia.