Neal Brown Discusses Shane Lyons’ Firing

Morgantown, West Virginia – For the first since Shane Lyons was “forced to resign” as the director of athletics at West Virginia University, head coach Neal Brown spoke to the media and discussed the situation.

Brown, who appeared to be very somber when talking about it, had the following to say about Lyons: “You know, what’s often lost in situations like this, is that there are real people and families that are affected by this. I will say this: Shane Lyons and his family have served this university well and I really appreciate him giving me an opportunity here.”

Brown was asked if he has spoken to Lyons and he said the following: “I talked to him yesterday, briefly. I like to keep those conversations between us, but yeah, I spoke to him for a bit yesterday.”

Although Lyons served the university since 2015, he will be remembered for the contract extension that he gave Neal Brown after an 11-11 start following the 2020 season. That contract extension and buyout will likely cost West Virginia University millions of dollars when Neal Brown is inevitably fired following the season.