Neal Brown Doesn’t Seem to Understand the Issues Within the WVU Football Program

Morgantown, West Virginia – Although it’s abundantly clear that West Virginia has major issues within the football program, head coach Neal Brown doesn’t seem to see the obvious changes that need to be made to improve the future of the team.

Following West Virginia’s terrible 18-6 loss against Minnesota in the Guaranteed Rate Bowl, Brown appeared to be positive about the future of the program: “We have most of our football team back next year and I think that’s a very big deal. I would say we have as much coming back on our team as anybody in the country,” Brown said.

“We’re not all doom and gloom. Are we disappointed that we didn’t win? You bet your ass we are. There’s certain aspects of the program that we’ve got to get better. We are really, really close in a lot of ways, but we’ve got to do things to get better to get back to where we want to be.”

The “certain aspects of the program” that need to improve are obvious to everyone but Neal Brown and his staff, though.

Namely, hiring a real, proven offensive coordinator and firing Matt Moore, the team’s Assistant Head Coach/offensive line coach.

These two changes would not only instantly improve the Mountaineers, it would also indicate to the fanbase that Brown is willing to make tough, necessary changes to for the betterment of the program.

The reason it’s easy to be skeptical of Brown is because he promised major changes to the team after West Virginia started 2-4 this season, but he instead continued with the same strategy, personnel and coaching staff for the remainder of the season.

Neal Brown is a very stubborn, hard-headed coach that believes what he is doing is the right thing for the West Virginia football program. However, the results on the field show otherwise. For Brown to remain the head coach of West Virginia and for the Mountaineers, he is going to have to be more flexible and open to real change.