Neal Brown has cried more this week than he ever has before

Lexington, Kentucky – Neal Brown lost his best friend in the world this week.  John Schlarman, the Kentucky Wildcats offensive line coach, passed away after a lengthy battle with cancer.

Schlarman, 45, coached the offensive line at Troy when Neal Brown was the offensive coordinator there and then Brown brought him to Kentucky when he was named the offensive coordinator at Kentucky.

On “The Neal Brown Show”, Brown said the following of Schlarman: “John was one of the best coaches and people that I’ve met in football, and he was one of my very best – if not my best – friend in the world.”

On Monday, Brown was in Lexington, Kentucky, for Schlarman’s memorial service and gave a beautiful, classy, inspiring tribute to his friend.  During his words about Schlarman, Brown opened his tribute by reading passages  from the Bible and said, “I love John Schlarman.  I want that on record.”

Brown went on to say: “I’ve cried more in the past week than I probably have in my entire adult life.  But I’ve also laughed a lot.  I have so many great memories with John and have laughed so hard with him so many times, and it was great to remember all of those times.”

Check out Brown’s entire amazing tribute to his best friend below: