Neal Brown Hilariously Curses During Post Game Press Conference

Neal Brown seems like the perfect gentleman, right? While he certainly is, this doesn’t mean he won’t slip up every now and then.

During his post game press conference following the victory over Oklahoma, Brown let a curse word slip. He then immediately realized that it may have been a mistake.

Watch the hilarious clip in the tweet below:


“Hey, the weather was shitty but the outcome was pretty good, right? And so, I’ll get in trouble for saying that…my kids are…I probably shouldn’t have said that, but it was a good day to be a Mountaineer.”

There was absolutely nothing wrong with the comment, because…well, the weather was “shitty.” It rained nearly the entire game, and fans, players, and coaches all left drenched.

Neal Brown is human, and we all have said it before. It was his reaction that made it hilarious and garnered several chuckles in the room.