Neal Brown is “Done,” Per One Analyst

(Photo by WVU Athletics)


Neal Brown is certainly under some heat, there’s no doubt about that. Many fans and former players are calling for the coach’s firing after a 48-10 loss to Texas Tech on Saturday.

Bryan Clinton, a sportswriter for Heartland College Sports, recently took to his usual column to discuss overreactions on Monday morning. On his “not an overreaction” list, Neal Brown’s firing was the topic of conversation that he included.


Here is what Clinton had to say about Brown:

“Brown has put together a 20-22 mark in Morgantown and has yet to win more than six games in a season, and that just isn’t going to cut it at a place like West Virginia. I’m not sure that the school will get rid of him before January 1, 2023, but I am fairly confident that there will be somebody else at the helm when spring practice starts up next season.”

For an outsider to have this view, it really says a lot about where Brown has taken this program.

Clinton would also point out that WVU’s 38-point loss on Saturday was the worst to an unranked opponent since 1965. This is not good, folks.

Brown is the nicest guy around. He’s genuine, intelligent, and carries a southern charm. However, this just does not produce wins on the field.

There are 5 more opportunities this season for the Mountaineers and Brown to right this ship. His career in Morgantown likely depends on it.