Neal Brown Is Making It Easy To Trust the Climb Again

Morgantown, West Virginia – Although Neal Brown should have made the changes that he did today a year ago, he not only made the appropriate changes, he admitted his wrongdoing and it’s very, very easy to trust the climb again in Morgantown.

When Brown hired Graham Harrell as his new offensive coordinator, he added one of the brightest young minds in college football and, more importantly, showed that he is capable of making necessary changes to better the team.

Brown all but said that he’s failed and wants to do whatever he can to fix it.

“Since the end of the season, I have spent time reflecting on the program, and take responsibility, knowing we have to be better offensively,” Brown said in today’s press release. “I’ve been serving in a dual role as the offensive coordinator and head coach, and we need to bring in another voice for the offense. Having Graham as the offensive coordinator and working with Gerad as the #2 lead in the offensive room, as he has done, will make us a better, more efficient offense and move us in the direction we need to head.”

Brown’s decision to serve as the offensive coordinator was an obvious mistake and like The Voice of Motown has pointed out for many months now, a real, proven offensive coordinator was the first step in fixing the problems with the West Virginia offense.

Brown continued: “In turn, that will allow me to be a more effective CEO of the Mountaineer football program.”

Now that Brown has finally relinquished his duties of calling plays (poorly), he can focus on doing what he does best, which is building the program and being the leader of the West Virginia Mountaineers.

This is precisely what we’ve been begging and pleading for since last season. Although Brown was a year late and West Virginia suffered through another dreadful, frustrating season, there is once again a lot of reason to Trust the Climb again.