Neal Brown is Perfectly Boring

Morgantown, WV – Even his name is boring.  Neal.  Brown.  His first year in Morgantown was as completely and utterly mundane in the best way possible, as conventional and workmanlike as can be in college sports today.

Neal Brown has been perfect since taking over as the Head Coach of the West Virginia Mountaineers.  Everything he said has been deliberate and intentional and purposeful.  Every action that he has taken has been conscious and calculated.  He knows what he’s doing and he knows how to do it.

Brown makes West Virginia fans proud to be West Virginia fans.  Mountaineers can rest assured that Brown will never be caught drunk in a casino in the middle of the night, or rumored to cheat on his wife, or guilty of committing recruiting violations.  Neal Brown does things the right way and the football program is well on its way to being in a better place than it’s ever been before.

Brown has embraced the community, made Morgantown his home, created a family atmosphere inside the West Virginia locker room and has made recruiting in state a priority.  While the Mountaineers struggled through a 5-7 season in his first year with the team, Brown laid the groundwork for massive future success.

Brown is polished and knows exactly what to say at exactly the right time, and he’s also a master of not giving away too much.  Although this often makes for unentertaining press conferences with few quotable sound bites and front page moments, Brown’s steady hand and undeniable confidence in returning West Virginia football to its former glory is exactly what the Mountaineers need at this time.