Neal Brown isn’t perfect…or is he?

Neal Brown has said and done everything perfectly since arriving in Morgantown as the Head Coach of the West Virginia Mountaineers.  He’s so deliberate, so measured in his speech and actions that he can come across as robotic to some people, but ultimately he’s also very sincere.

Brown will make a mistake eventually.  He will say the wrong thing or call the wrong play or do something that we don’t understand.  However, what’s clear is that Brown cares and he wants to do the right thing.

You will not wake up one morning to news that Neal Brown was drunk and kicked out of a casino in the middle of the night, nor will will you hear about Brown having an extramarital affair.  He’s just a really, really nice guy, and none of us really know much about him other than that.  Obviously no one is perfect, but Neal Brown might be as close to perfect as someone can be in his position.

He lives and breathes football, he appears to be a an outstanding husband and father, and he wants to get better every day.  Brown posts short video clips or pictures every morning on Instagram featuring him following a workout.  Brown, dripping in sweat, typically says something along the lines of, “Let’s Go Mountaineers.  Every Day”, or something similar.  The message is short and sweet, but it’s the effort that means so much.

Brown’s message is clear: Get better every day in every way.  Through all of his polish and couth, Neal Brown is a very real person and he wants to be the coach and human being that he can be.

Regardless of his successes or failures as a head coach at West Virginia, Neal Brown will be seen as a tremendous hire because he’s represented the state and university as well as anyone ever has.