Neal Brown Makes Another Confusing Decision

Morgantown, West Virginia – West Virginia head coach Neal Brown met with the press today and began by apologizing for last season. “2022 wasn’t good enough,” Brown said. “I’m proud of how the team finished, but that wasn’t good enough and that’s on me. I accept that. I’m going to shy away from it or try to sugarcoat it, it just wasn’t good enough.”

Brown touch on a variety of topics, but the one that stood out is who is going to call offensive plays this year. Brown, who admitted during the offseason last year that it would be better for him to not call plays, will return to being a major part of calling plays again this season.

“Chad (Scott) has earned the promotion as the offensive coordinator, but I will be heavily involved in the offense this season. I wasn’t as involved in the play-calling last season until the last few games, but I will be involved this year.”

Although Brown didn’t come right out and say that he would be calling plays for the Mountaineers, it’s pretty clear that the offense will be very influenced by Brown’s “Vanilla Raid Offense”, which does not bode well for the future of the team. Brown’s offenses in the past have been not just boring but also extremely ineffective.

Last season, West Virginia had a legitimate Power 5 offensive coordinator in Graham Harrell (who moved to Purdue after one season with the Mountaineers) and it now appears that Harrell was not given the full reigns to run the offense that he wanted. Neal Brown continues to let him ego get in the way of the success of the West Virginia football program.