Neal Brown Needs to Reassure Mountaineer Nation of His Commitment

(Photo by Ben Queen - USA Today)

It is no secret that Mountaineer Nation adores Neal Brown. Since he arrived in Morgantown in January 2019, fans have been ecstatic about the future of the Mountaineers with him at the helm. However, with the coaching carousel in full swing for 2020, his name is beginning to pop up for other jobs around the nation.


Most notably the now vacant South Carolina job.


While it is hard to imagine Brown taking this position, which would be a lateral move and best, it won’t come without causing stress for Mountaineer fans.

Mountaineer Nation is committed to Neal Brown for the long haul, and have hope in his vision for the program. It is now time for Neal Brown to reassure his commitment to West Virginia, and let the state that has taken him in as their own know that he is here to stay. That he is here for the “Climb,” and isn’t interested in going anywhere else.

It’ll be a long and stressful coaching carousel, but Neal Brown is a Mountaineer. We fully believe that with everything in us. A little reassurance is just what we need at this time.


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Clark Johnson
Clark Johnson is a Football Columnist for The Voice of West Virginia. He is a student at Concord University and is majoring in History with a minor in Political Science. He became a Mountaineer fan at 9-years old and has not missed a WVU football game since 2008. He is honored to bring new perspective and fresh content to the best fanbase in the nation!