Neal Brown on Scheduling at WVU

Neal Brown was recently interviewed by The Voice of College Football’s Mark Rogers. The WVU Head Coach had a lot to say regarding the scheduling situation in Morgantown.


Morgantown, WV – West Virginia University is in a peculiar situation when it comes to their football schedule. They are one of only a few programs that have played 11 Power Five schools consistently over the last several seasons. The Mountaineers will once again play a grueling schedule in 2023 with games at Penn State and against Pitt in Morgantown, all before the end of September.

Though this may be a great way to prove your case to the College Football Playoff committee, it more often than not ends up hurting WVU. Neal Brown, the Head Coach for the Mountaineers, recently spoke out against the current scheduling structure of the program.

In a conversation with The Voice of College Football’s Mark Rogers, Brown stated that while it is good that the Mountaineers are playing regional rivals, he does not agree with playing two in one season. In his ideal season, WVU would play “a regional rival, an opponent from the FCS, and a Group of Five opponent.”

He also stated that the Mountaineers should add one more home game per season, citing that it would be good for “the State of West Virginia, and Morgantown.”

Fortunately for Brown, the Mountaineers only have two more seasons of 11 Power Five opponents left on their schedule – 2023 and 2024. Starting in 2025, West Virginia will have one Power Five, one Group of Five, and one FCS opponent on their non-conference schedule (Robert Morris, at Ohio, Pitt).

Extremely tough non-conference schedules seem to be heading towards a “thing of the past” status in Morgantown. It may just be for the best, honestly.

(Photo by WVU Athletics)